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our purpose

India's Most Vibrant Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Mumbai Blockchain Center is founded as a not for profit, community-driven organization helping Entrepreneurs and Companies overcome challenges and drive innovation faster. The Center consists of a rich community of entrepreneurs, developers, investors and influencers in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space.

01 Crypto Policing

With the rise in popularity of Bitcoin, the same is increasingly been used for a number of infamous activities which also includes financial crimes and scams. The experts at MBC are dedicated to supporting concerned Government authorities offering their advice on technically complex cases for free and help them catch criminals.

02 Media Awareness

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain media has just started picking up in the country. Most headlines so far published by these media houses are without any domain and regulatory understanding. These misinformation has done significant damage to the Crypto community across the country. At MBC, we support participating media in providing domain expertise, regulatory & compliance information as well as keeping them informed on what's going inside the community.

03 Banking Support

Post RBI Circular for Indian banks withdrawing banking support for Crypto based companies has done significant damage to the innovation. Partners at Mumbai Blockchain Center provides guidance and helps you in setting up Banking operations with ease.

04 Technical Support

MBC is building up one of the largest and rich community for Blockchain and Crypto enthusiasts. A large part of this community is driven by early adopters which include computer scientists, cryptographers, and techies. Further, MBC associated partners are always ready to support the new innovation and bring it to reality.

05 Co-Working Space

MBC offers completely free access to its members in the center for networking, meetings, and work in form of flexi desks. MBC also offers a comfortable, secure and dedicated workspace for those who would like to accelerate their innovation while being 24 X 7 with the like-minded people and take most of all the opportunities driven at the center.

06 Legal Support

Currently regulatory and compliance are the major setbacks for most of the innovation-driven crypto companies. The community members and partners at MBC provides legal consulting to help the company move faster in a completely safe and compliant environment.

07 Meet Co-Founders & Developers

MBC provides focussed and dedicated networking opportunities for Entrepreneurs and developers. So whether you are looking for a co-founder to start your venture with or looking for best-in-class developers enthusiastic about the technology for your product, the community at MBC got you covered.

08 Influencer Sessions

MBC hosts regular informative sessions with Top Blockchain Influencers and Cryptocurrency ecosystem drivers to strengthen your knowledge and experience in the field. The session also provides ample opportunities to find industry experts, investors and advisors for your venture.

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Are you a Blockchain Evangelist? Or an organization supporting Blockchain ecosystem to flourish? Join us in our mission by becoming a contributor.

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July 1st 2019
4:30 - 7:30 PM IST

Mumbai Blockchain Center Opening

Witness the opening of Mumbai Blockchain Center, building up a vibrant ecosystem of cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts.

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